Monday, May 20, 2019

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I have not posted here on this blog for a lot of years.  So much has happened to our family.  We still live part of the time in Hawaii, and still own our home there, run our businesses, Velata Masonry and Concrete, Velata Landscaping and DH Maui Fine Art Photography, but we also own a home in Idaho and have lived here, outside of Boise, for three years, as of June 6 of this year, 2019.  We are very happy with our life.  The kids were getting older, and have different goals and dreams, so we decided to broaden our horizons, embrace both sides of our cultures, and stretch our wings to include all the blessings and plans God has for us as a family.  We have a few acres here, outside of Boise, and another property on the Eastern Side of Idaho.  We run Velata Masonry here in the Northwest now also, DH Idaho Fine Art Photography, DH Utah Fine Art Photography and our new business Polyvolcanic Australian Shepherd Farms.  The kids have grown to teenagers, and are no longer the young kids in the early years of my blog.  We have pets, to say the least.  We have started a business called Polyvolcanic Australian Shepherd Farms, because of our intense love for the Australian Shepherd breed, a breed of dog my father, a life long cattleman and cowboy, introduced me to when I was a child.  Now we own several Aussies ourselves, and we love sharing our life with them.  I am still a photographer, and love it as much as ever.  The reason that my blog slowed down is that it was harder to run the big computers that I was using for my business on the electrical setup in our condo in Maui.  I have years of images to catch up on, now that I have a better office, and will start working through them, now that I have gained a bit of leverage over our busy life here in Idaho.  Our son, Sione, is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Papua New Guinea.  He has been there for the last seven months.  I've posted a few pictures that I have edited over the last 10 years, to show you some of what our life looks like now, in 2019.  (Thanks to Macey Hart of Macey Hart Photography, of Flower Mound Texas, for the photos of me taken in Wyoming and Montana.)

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