Monday, August 14, 2017

Wedding, Family and Senior Portraits, Maui, Big Island, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands, Pacific, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho

We offer destination wedding, family and senior photography.  Call and let me know your plans and ideas.  We can help you obtain one-of-a-kind portraits from destinations that you visit, especially the Hawaiian Islands.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Senior Portraits 2015 - 2016 School Year, Maui Senior Portraits, Keawakapu Beach Maui Senior Portriats

In honor of everyone going back to school, which seems obscene when we are having such great weather, I'm reminding all local high school seniors that DH Maui Fine Art Photography offers a wonderful Senior portrait service to our local high school seniors, as well as seniors traveling to Hawaii from the Mainland. Call (808) 357-2789, to book your fall or Winter session with us.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maui Family Portrait Photography, Hawaii Family Portrait Photography, Latter-day Saint Maui Family Portrait Photography, Portraits at Keawekapu Beach

My daughter and her best friend have been friends since they were literally babies. This year they turn eight, a big step for them. I've been taking family portraits for "G"s mom, for many years, so we decided to celebrate the birthday with a portrait session where the girls would get to model for me. The clothing and settings were inspired by a popular greeting card that has been circulating Maui for many years, depicting one little Polynesian Girl and one little blonde Haole girl, in a our tropical setting.