Thursday, July 11, 2019

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We are living such a different life than we did in Hawaii, but it is all still very interconnected in a lot of ways.  Meet Loa, one of the Australian Shepherds that lives on our property outside of Boise, Idaho. 

Loa is such an amazing dog. This doesn't even show even a 10th of the intelligence she has. She went from the breeder to a very difficult home, where we believe she was beaten severely. We are about 99% sure of it. The breeder took her back, and asked if I wanted her. I didn't know she had been beaten, or that she had issues, when I agreed to take her. But I had saved a picture in my files of two Australian Shepherds, and I knew that we were supposed to have a black tri named Loa. Well Loa was named Lola, when she was born. I figured that was a sign. I saved her from being put down, and have given her a home for life. That is my goal. It makes me sad that rarely will anyone get to see what amazing things she can do, because she is so scared of people and reacts so harshly to strangers. So I'll try to take pictures and videos of her. Maybe she can motivate people to be kind and loving to animals, and treat them with care. They are just amazing individuals. Each one is different, and they deserve respect.