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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Some images from the beautiful wedding from this weekend. I love photography. It does something to people when they look at a moment frozen in time. It allows them to slow down and contemplate their relationship to the people in the picture with them, to think about their relationships to them from an eternal perspective. I love when I can get people to see how incredibly beautiful they are. That they are God's beautiful children. I love when I am out there with my camera and we are just focused on getting these pictures. I love that the image freezes time, forever. It is such a lot of fun. I want everyone to forget the camera, something that I think does happen and something they did not expect to happen, that you can forget about the camera and just be there, having fun with one another.

Monday, August 5, 2019

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My week will be spent editing wedding images for the Fischer/Hunter families. They had a beautiful wedding for their children this weekend on one of the hottest days of the year. It's a good thing I've been shooting images in Maui for the last 20 years, and have plenty of experience with those kinds of conditions. It was a beautiful family wedding, and the end of the reception was a huge surprise and a huge lot of fun. I will say shooting at the Meridian Temple is look shooting in a major traffic jam; and on hot days, the crowd tries to migrate to the only shade, right in your shot of the bride and her grandparents. One guy tried to get all rough with me, that his wedding party was up to bat and I needed to get my wedding party out of their wedding party's road NOW!! Really? I guess he didn't know I've been tangling with football players and rugby players since I was fresh out of high school. Plus I've carried on international diplomatic relations since I was 18. I try to not get all feisty at the temple. Sione and I had an incident on his missionary picture day also, and he warned me "Mother, this is the TEMPLE!" He knows this photography stuff brings out my other personalities! LOL!! Don't worry Sione. I'm well aware of that. I love my Heavenly Father. This is His perfect house, and I will always remember that. I'm going to be editing people out of my shots like tourists on the beach, but it was worth it to be able to spend two days at one of our beautiful temple locations with such a great couple. They are a lot of fun, very much in love and have a great future ahead of them. There is nothing equal to a temple wedding, absolutely nothing. The eternal commitments made there are the most beautiful answers for all of our lives.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

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We are living such a different life than we did in Hawaii, but it is all still very interconnected in a lot of ways.  Meet Loa, one of the Australian Shepherds that lives on our property outside of Boise, Idaho. 

Loa is such an amazing dog. This doesn't even show even a 10th of the intelligence she has. She went from the breeder to a very difficult home, where we believe she was beaten severely. We are about 99% sure of it. The breeder took her back, and asked if I wanted her. I didn't know she had been beaten, or that she had issues, when I agreed to take her. But I had saved a picture in my files of two Australian Shepherds, and I knew that we were supposed to have a black tri named Loa. Well Loa was named Lola, when she was born. I figured that was a sign. I saved her from being put down, and have given her a home for life. That is my goal. It makes me sad that rarely will anyone get to see what amazing things she can do, because she is so scared of people and reacts so harshly to strangers. So I'll try to take pictures and videos of her. Maybe she can motivate people to be kind and loving to animals, and treat them with care. They are just amazing individuals. Each one is different, and they deserve respect.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Patriotic Best Wishes from Our Family to Yours, Australian Shepherd Puppies, Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale, Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in the Boise Area, Polyvolancic Australian Shepherd Farms, Australian Shepherd Portraits

Best wishes from our family to yours on this Memorial Day Weekend.  May your weekend be filled with cherished memories, both old and new, and may you all stay safe as you travel about our beautiful and free country.  It seems like every time one of our puppy litters has a milestone marking birthday, it happens around a patriotic holiday.  I love the color red.  It's one of my favorite colors, so this photo shoot was a lot of fun!  Australian Shepherd Puppies and the American Flag...two of my favorite things.  If you'll notice, Bosave has an extra flag.  It's the Flag of Papua New Guinea.  Bosave is named after a Papua New Guinean volcano.  Our son is currently serving a mission there, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we thought it would be appropriate to name Bosave after that wonderful location on this beautiful earth we love so much.  Happy 1 Month Birthday to the Puppies:






The New Puppies At Our House, Australian Shepherd Puppies, Boise Australian Shepherd Puppies, Puppies for Sale in the Boise Area, Pet Photography, Pet Photography in the Boise Area

We have new pure bred Australian Shepherd Puppies at our house. They are not registered, but they are purebred.  Because they are not registered, they are more affordable than most Aussies.  They are every single bit of what you would get with a registered dog, without the hassles and high pricing.  We cater to those who want an Aussie, for their pet, for their devotion, intelligence and unique looks.  The are off our unique Aussie line.  Some may say that they have a unique Aussie line, but we really do.  The grandfather of these pups is my dad's Red Aussie Cattle Dog, Freckles, who has served faithfully at my dad's side, herding cattle and taking care of the animals on Dad's farm for nearly 15 years.  Dad ran a large cattle operation, one of the largest in the world until his retirement, and has worked for independent cattle ranchers, since then, using Freckles to keep herds of cattle in line in the mountains of Idaho.  Freckles came from a line of good cattle dogs out of Oklahoma.  We are breeding our dogs to carry on that specific line, and so my dad can have Freckle's children and grandchildren.  When Freckles is gone, Dad will still have a part of the beloved cattle dog who has been by his side for so many years.  The grandmother of these pups is my beautiful Iao, retired from the show ring when she came to live with me and our first Aussie Loa a few years ago.  Iao comes from one of the most beautiful lines of Australian Shepherd I have ever seen.  They consistently throw off gorgeous animals with stunning markings.  Iao is the beautiful blue merle aussie, that you see in the post below.  The pup's father is another working cattle dog who is currently working on a large, family-owned, ranching operation in the same town my parents live in.  He is known for throwing good cattle dogs, so dad hand picked him to sire the first litter from his red tri aussie, daughter of Freckles, Otemanu.  Otemanu is a red tri, but she is also a cryptic merle, so we got one little merle girl, who is an absolutely perfectly marked copper merle.  She is so cute, she looks like she is a toy, and not even real.  Meet our 2019 pups, born mid-April.  Three of them are available for adoption.   Keep in mind that all of the pups have been born into a family who loves and adores them.  They have been hand named by us, and treated with nothing but love and adoration for the entirety of their little, short lives.  We hope that we can find a family who will love them as much as we do, and that they will know a loving, nurturing home life, their whole lives.  If you are interested in a puppy from Polyvolcanic Australian Shepherd Farms, please contact Danette He'itukutonga at (808) 357-2789.






Monday, May 20, 2019

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I have not posted here on this blog for a lot of years.  So much has happened to our family.  We still live part of the time in Hawaii, and still own our home there, run our businesses, Velata Masonry and Concrete, Velata Landscaping and DH Maui Fine Art Photography, but we also own a home in Idaho and have lived here, outside of Boise, for three years, as of June 6 of this year, 2019.  We are very happy with our life.  The kids were getting older, and have different goals and dreams, so we decided to broaden our horizons, embrace both sides of our cultures, and stretch our wings to include all the blessings and plans God has for us as a family.  We have a few acres here, outside of Boise, and another property on the Eastern Side of Idaho.  We run Velata Masonry here in the Northwest now also, DH Idaho Fine Art Photography, DH Utah Fine Art Photography and our new business Polyvolcanic Australian Shepherd Farms.  The kids have grown to teenagers, and are no longer the young kids in the early years of my blog.  We have pets, to say the least.  We have started a business called Polyvolcanic Australian Shepherd Farms, because of our intense love for the Australian Shepherd breed, a breed of dog my father, a life long cattleman and cowboy, introduced me to when I was a child.  Now we own several Aussies ourselves, and we love sharing our life with them.  I am still a photographer, and love it as much as ever.  The reason that my blog slowed down is that it was harder to run the big computers that I was using for my business on the electrical setup in our condo in Maui.  I have years of images to catch up on, now that I have a better office, and will start working through them, now that I have gained a bit of leverage over our busy life here in Idaho.  Our son, Sione, is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Papua New Guinea.  He has been there for the last seven months.  I've posted a few pictures that I have edited over the last 10 years, to show you some of what our life looks like now, in 2019.  (Thanks to Macey Hart of Macey Hart Photography, of Flower Mound Texas, for the photos of me taken in Wyoming and Montana.)