Friday, June 28, 2013

Telesia, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Telesia is very strong and as sweet and gentle as her portraits will show you. She is a stunning Tongan beauty who doesn't even realize how beautiful and magnificent she is at times. This is because of her family and upbringing. They have taught her those things that are of most importance and these are the things she focuses on, family, religion, faith, education and all the good things in life. She is a favorite of mne, and you can see why. She comes from a large family that has many off shoots and cousins and brothers, etc.; and yes, the rest of the family is as stunningly gorgeous as she is; but having said that, one would have to say that Telesia is particularly stunning and gorgeous. Wouldn't you agree?






Gina, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Meet Regina, who joined me for a photo shoot at Palaueau Beach, here on the island of Maui, Hawaii. She is our version of Snow White, because she is truly the fairest of them all. I have always thought Gina had to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Through the years, we have raised our children together. Gina still looks like she is 19; while I, on the other hand, cannot say the same. That's is why she models for me in front of the camera and I stay behind it. You may wonder how she gets her lovely figure. She is one of the most beautiful dancers in the Hawaiian Islands; and many who have seen her dance will tell you that it is breathtaking to watch her dancing the ancient art of hula.



Fou and Maleta Engagement Portraits, White Rock Beach, Maui Engagement Photography, Maui Wedding Photography, Maui Maternity Photography

Fau and Maleta met me at White Rock Beach to capture portraits for two special occasions.  They will soon be married in a ceremony here on Maui and they will also soon welcome their first child.  The light at White Rock is like no other light on Maui.  It really is gorgeous there.  I hope that when they look at these images they remember that marriage can be a light to the people in it, a light like no other light.   You become protectors of each other and all the little people who will join you.  They are there own people also, these little ones that join us in our families.  It is a journey for eternity, to get to spend our moments with each other.  It is a love like no other that creates the one thing that really lights up our lives here on earth.



Leah, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Leah is tenacious and fun loving.  She has many friends and enjoys making things exciting.  She is the youngest in her family and so she loves hanging out with all the nieces and nephews that are now being added to her large family.  She is excited to be starting her senior year of high school and seeing what life will bring in her future.  I see her mother when I look at these pictures.  Her family members have all told me how much they love her.  This is the best description of Leah - everyone loves her.