Friday, June 28, 2013

Fou and Maleta Engagement Portraits, White Rock Beach, Maui Engagement Photography, Maui Wedding Photography, Maui Maternity Photography

Fau and Maleta met me at White Rock Beach to capture portraits for two special occasions.  They will soon be married in a ceremony here on Maui and they will also soon welcome their first child.  The light at White Rock is like no other light on Maui.  It really is gorgeous there.  I hope that when they look at these images they remember that marriage can be a light to the people in it, a light like no other light.   You become protectors of each other and all the little people who will join you.  They are there own people also, these little ones that join us in our families.  It is a journey for eternity, to get to spend our moments with each other.  It is a love like no other that creates the one thing that really lights up our lives here on earth.



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