Monday, February 11, 2013

Selena, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Selena is so very pretty, and takes after her mother. She is the quietest one of all my models, but one of my best. She has a natural instinct in front of the camera, and her face is so expressive that I can get her to portray different moods in the images that we take. Many of the images that we have taken in this series will be submitted for use in publication. Selena's heritage is a mixture of all the different nationalities of the Hawaiian Islands. She is truly a modern 21st Century Polynesian woman. Her name means moon. Coincedentally she has a little sister whose name also means moon, in one of the other languages of their heritage. Selena is the gracious and beautiful future of that heritage, and I know she will continue to represent it well.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kilisi, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Kilisi and her sister Selena joined me for a photo shoot at Po'olenalena Beach. I have known Kilisi and her family since she was born. She is a loving sister and daughter and beloved by her family. I have found her to be the most charming, sweet, loving, gracious young woman. She is generous to everyone and has an infectious little smile and tilt of her eyebrow. Kilisi, I adore you!! I want to be you when I grow up! Thank you for sharing your lovely nature with me and modeling for me. You are a stunning model. The camera loves you, and I wanted to post every single picture of you from this photo shoot, but I couldn't fit them all in. I hope we have many photo shoots ahead of us.




Friday, February 1, 2013

21st Century Polynesian Women - A Photography Exhibition

All throughout 2013, I will be working on an ongoing photography project that showcases the beauty of our island women and the future that they will take part in as they move through the world and take their place among the women who have walked before them and those that will come after them.

What characteristics will they need to develop if they want to mold the world into a place that is most desirable to them and supportive of their lifestyles and futures?  What lifestyle do they want to have?  What will it look like?  How can they mold themselves and their futures to become wives and mothers in their future families and outstanding members of their community?   What characteristics will they need to draw from the past and bring with them into that future?  The women who came before them had a definite idea about their culture and what the lives of their children should and would look like.  The traditions of Polynesia go back thousands of years; and now these young women are entering a time where the modern world has come to their shores and is asking them to adapt to its ways.  Is the world right, or are their ancestors?  These are the questions these girls face every day.

Walk with me this year and meet them.  Learn the characteristics that they have chosen to develop and their hopes and dreams of a future that above all else is dedicated to saving these islands for their posterity and molding the future of these islands to best suit their families, as it has for thousands of years, and generation after generation.