Monday, February 11, 2013

Selena, Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Maui Senior Portrait Photography

Selena is so very pretty, and takes after her mother. She is the quietest one of all my models, but one of my best. She has a natural instinct in front of the camera, and her face is so expressive that I can get her to portray different moods in the images that we take. Many of the images that we have taken in this series will be submitted for use in publication. Selena's heritage is a mixture of all the different nationalities of the Hawaiian Islands. She is truly a modern 21st Century Polynesian woman. Her name means moon. Coincedentally she has a little sister whose name also means moon, in one of the other languages of their heritage. Selena is the gracious and beautiful future of that heritage, and I know she will continue to represent it well.


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