Monday, January 30, 2012

Commercial Photography - Maui, Hawaii - Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Sun Solar Project and Kula Farms

Wow, I've been very busy this winter.  I can't believe that it is almost February already.  The time has flown.  I have so many sessions that I want to blog about and haven't had the time to get it done.  I worked on a couple of commercial shoots at the end of last year.  I continue to enjoy this kind of work a lot.  It allows me to be the journalist that I went to school to be.  I get to move around an event and observe.  I get to capture images that reflect on what happened.  I love that kind of work.  I especially love when I can record events for projects that I can get behind and believe.  I think solar energy is important to our country's future.  I want to see more families be able to afford solar energy in Hawaii.  I think it helps us all when companies like the Maui Arts and Cultural Center believe solar energy plays a big part in the future of their company.  Another type of commercial photography involves shooting images that help companies to put their best foot forward to the public.  They have a product and they want those images to reflect the best they have to offer.  One of the those business that I assisted in December was Kula Farms.  My family loves to go to Kula Farms, as you all know.  We love small farming and sustainable agriculture and want to see small farmers succeed.  I grew up on farms in the mainland, and I think the best thing for our future is for more smaller farms to stay in business, get back in business and continue to be allowed to feed our communities.  It is better for our health, better for the environment and better for us as people.

If you come to Maui, you should check out the events that are going on at the MACC.   Many of their events involve local groups, artists and Maui's culture.  I'm sure you can find a concert or event to enjoy during your stay on Maui.

Of course if you are coming to Maui, a trip up to Kula Farms is a must.  If you are staying in a Condo here, as many of you do, you will want to pick up their fresh jams and syrups to try on your breakfast in the morning.  They have fresh produce that you can select for lunches on your lanai also.  You can find directions at the link below.