Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 10 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - The 4th Marine Division Memorial Park, Giggle Hill and Kalakapua Playground - Maui Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Hawaii Portrait Photography

On Day 10 of our Summer Adventure, let's take a break from the beaches and travel upcountry to Haiku, Maui.  One of my favorite places on the island is the 4th Marine Division Memorial Park, known to the locals as Giggle Hill.  It has a third name, as many places on the island do.  It is also known as Kalakapua Playground.

The scouts conducted a day camp up at Giggle Hill.  My husband asked if the whole family wanted to come along; and of course, we did.  We love it up there.  If you go, bring blankets, because you'll probably need them.  We also brought some really good beach chairs and had the resort camping experience. We packed a picnic lunch of course, because there are no places to eat close by.  You'll need that too, so bring your own food.  It is so fun for us to curl up under a blanket, and not because we have that expensive AC blasting.  Our family, like a good boy scout, always comes prepared, so we always have blankets in the car, and food and water available to load up in a moments notice.  Emergency situations can fling themselves at the island, as we all know, and it is good to always be prepared.

I can rarely sit still and do nothing, but I found myself sitting still for hours that day with absolutely nothing to do.  I forgot my book, so I do mean absolutely nothing.  I didn't even twitch once in discomfort.  It is an absolutely peaceful place to spend the day, but the kids can get out of your hair also. That might be part of it.  The playground is the best on the island.  It is enormous, cool and shady and full of so many fun places for kids to hide and run and squeeze out all that energy that is always boiling around in them.

The princess in her castle.

Oh no, the princess has been trapped in the dungeon.

You're now looking at the reason one of my cameras was completely messed up last week.  It serves me right for not checking the settings, when my instincts told me too; but there she is, the girl itching to get her hands on my equipment.  Right now she's confiscated her dad's cell phone.


Mt. Haleakala in the distance.

Semper Fi!

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Mike Marti said...

That camp looks like so much fun! Summer camps and day camps can be some of the most Fun Places for Kids especially with all the activities. My kids love them,great post!