Monday, December 16, 2013

Afternoon Walk

My last post talked about the walks my husband and I take on the beach outside where we live.  It is a gorgeous, generous beach that goes for miles and miles.  We often see tourists, and some who live here part-time I suppose, walking on South Kihei road, just beyond these green trees!  Why?  We can't understand it.  Breath in exhaust fumes and give yourself a 90% chance of becoming road kill or walk on this gorgeous beach!  Of course now I'm giving our secret away, so this place might begin to look like Grand Central Station!  My bad!  But anyway, my husband I can never understand why people would want to run and walk up a crowded street/highway, threatening their lives, when they can have this instead.   The beach is beautiful, and can be broken up into smaller walks, or taken for one big long, huge exercise session.

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