Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Island Landscape Photography, Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Landscape Photography

I was on vacation on the Big Island last week. Siaosi arranged for me to have a nice vacation at a resort along the Kona Coastline along a bay further down from where we usually stay. I sat and watched the sunset every night, while the kids swam in the pool. I wasn't sure I had gotten any good images of the sunsets we had that week, because I'm used to being closer to the surf than I was on those deck chairs. Each island is uniquely different, while still feeling like Hawaii. On Maui, the surrounding islands trap the sun and the clouds, so the sunset is influenced by these land masses, which are almost always in the background of our images. On the Big Island, especially where I was, the sea is deep and stretches out to Maui County and those islands I spoke of. They trap the clouds for the Big Island, back in the distance, so you get stronger, more beautiful sunsets on the Big Island. You can imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that!! LOL!! I did some research before this trip, and sort of had an idea, so I really wanted to take a family portrait in front of one of these bad boys, but there wasn't time. The Tongans are very serious about their temple trips, and we like that about them.

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