Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 17 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Maui County Fair - Wailuku Town, Maui, Hawaii

Our family attended the 89th Annual Maui County Fair held the last few days of September and the first few days of October in Wailuku Town, across from the Maui County Police Department.  The fair is very small, compared to the fairs that I attended when I was a girl in the Mainland.  It is the only type of fair my children know, however, so they enjoy it.  They think that a fair is simply carnival rides and food.  When I was a girl, I raised and brought sheep to the fair to enter into the livestock competitions.  Those are my memories.  One day I will take all my kids home to the Mainland, I hope, to experience a large Idaho fair.  Until then, I'll enjoy making memories with them at our little local fair here on Maui.

The boys had to march in the parade with their scout troup on the opening day of the fair, so we girls agreed to ride with them and wait for them at the end of the parade route.  This was a first time attending the fair on Thursday.  Usually we attend on Friday and then rest up on Saturday.

Oh yeah!!!  I can hear Sione in my head.  That is what he would say "Oh yeah!!"  Drag it out for a really long time, and say it in a very loud voice that would pierce a dog's ear, and that is how he sounds.

You could see Siaosi in his uniform and barely see the girls' tiny heads from where I stood on the ground.

Fair Toys!! I hope these disappear soon!!! I would never make them disappear myself, never, but I hope they disappear on their own very soon! ;)

Hunger pangs are beginning to set in. Time to go visit the food court. I was starving by that time also. We ended up getting way to much food because we had waited so long too eat. Our bodies were in severe starvation mode by that time, but our eyes ended up being bigger than our stomachs.

I'll bet you recognize some of this food...

But some of it, I'll bet, leaves you speechless, wondering what on earth it could be.  The Maui County fair is one of the best places to try local cuisine.  You can find so many different varieties, and some of the best cooks on the island show up trying to earn money for their local charities.

And this is where he asks for money and then disappears, never to be heard from again - until it is time to eat something.  I'm afraid that the teen years are going to put a damper on my ability to get as many photos at any given event as I want to.  I'm afraid it is seriously going to curtail it.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm sure a part of me is pretty sad.

All of my kids are artists.  I know what you're thinking...I should have seen that one coming.

Sione has had his artwork selected for the fair exhibit for as long as I can remember.

Instead of wasting an enormous ton of money on those carnival games and winning some more carnival crap that I will just have to throw away on the sly, we ended our night with the Ferris Wheel.  I have to admit, I missed watching Sione pour his heart into winning whatever game he tries his luck at.

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