Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Youngest Girl is 5!!! - Birthday Party @ Salon 253, in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii - Best Hair Salon on Maui

My youngest daughter turned five years old this year.  Yay!!!  Five means she gets to go to school.  That means that I have no more children at home during the day.  I am going to get so much work done.  We wanted to celebrate by having her party at a salon where the girls could get their hair and nails done and look like princesses for a day.

We have all had the same hairdresser, Nichole, for several years now.  As luck would have it, Nichole just recently opened up a new salon with her good friend Adiel.  It was a perfect place for the girls to have their party and get their wish granted. 

It is interesting how I met Nichole, several years ago.  My long-time hairdresser had quit cutting hair quite awhile before, and I had been to several salons, trying to find a new hairdresser, with disappointing results.  I had even been to one of the fancy hotels and visited their hair salon attached to their spa.  That was my most disappointing haircut of them all, and I had just about given up hope of finding anyone on Maui who could cut my hair the way I wanted it done.  One time I went to three different hairdresser in two days, trying to fix the mess they made of my hair.  I have really easy hair to deal with, so there was no excuse for it.  I had even begun to think age had just permenantly changed my hair for the worse.  I could hear my mother in my ear as I twisted my hair in the familiar coil and tied it in place with a scrunchy saying, "A good haircut will make you feel better."  She's right it does make you feel better, and living in the tropics will flatten what ego you might have had into a pancake.  Two weeks before I was due to go home to visit the Mainland I called my mom to tell her to book me an appointment to get my hair done while I was there; but I cringed at having to go home looking the way I did.  I mean after all these years of raising kids in the intense tropic heat, my ego is pretty much gone; but still inside, I cringed.  I cringed hard.  It made me make one more attempt at it.  I swallowed my pride, again, and made a call to what looked like the best salon I could find.  I found Nichole.  It was a good thing too, because I only get back to the Mainland every five to ten years, if I'm lucky.

Now I'm going to make it really super easy for you, and you are going to thank me.  You can find Nichole and Adiel at the very charming Salon 253 on 253 S. Market Street in Wailuku, across from Iao School.

If you are a bride coming to Maui and you want to have your hair and makeup done, I recommend calling the salon and booking Nichole or Adiel.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  I don't know how to be more blunt about it than that.  They are the ones I would choose, over any other salon on Maui, including the ones in the fancy spas.  If you are getting married on Maui, call the salon and set up an appointment for the girls to do your hair and makeup for you.  Business is going to be so busy that thank goodness for me, Nichole knows I am a most loyal customer and can always get an appointment when I need one.  Right Nichole!!  Congratulations on your new salon.  You deserve every bit of it, and I'm so happy for you.!/salon253  

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