Friday, March 2, 2012

He Family - Maui Family Photography - Iao Valley, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii - Maui Portrait Photography - Maui Family Portrait Photography

I have a series of photo shoots planned for my family this year.  I usually try to shedule a couple of shoots a year, so I can capture them as they are growing up.   I enjoy deciding which of our wonderful locations I'll pick for each coming year.  This year, I've chosen Iao Valley, Maluaka Beach and Old Maui High, with a possible shoot at the end of the year at the Lavender Gardens.  I'll count that among my images for next year.  These first images are some of the images that I took at our session at Iao Valley.  I'm still in the process of editing all of them.  Editing my own family images is an on-going process, because I am always using them to test out new techniques on.  I do know that I have some group and individual images that I love, so I've culled them from the group, ran them through my secret sauce and prepared them for grandparents and the photo book, when I get around to it.

I've been working with templetes a lot lately.  I couldn't decide which one of the two I liked below, so I'll just post them both.  Templetes are a great way to showcase all of your family photos in a fun way.  If you book a session with me, I can create some unique ones for your family and include them in your photo package.  Ask me about them when you call to book your photo session.

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