Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 19 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Maui Golf & Sports Park - Ma'alaea, Maui, Hawaii...Maui - Maui Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Hawaii Portrait Photography

Down in Ma'alaea, on the way to Lahaina, you will find the Maui Golf and Sports Park.  Our youngest son, Siua (see ew ah), thinks he wants to be a golfer.  We are not sure how we are going to accomplish that for him, since the only member of our family who understands golf lives thousands of miles away.  I guess, since it is Maui, we should be able to figure something out, though.  To start we took him to the Maui Golf and Sports Park for his birthday this year.  It is a fun place with some sporting events the kids can participate in.

The kids can play a round of miniature golf:

go rock climbing:

bungie cord jumping on a trampoline:

 or play in the small water park there:

If you would like to go to the Maui Golf and Sports Park during your stay on Maui, you can find information about the park at the following link:

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