Friday, May 9, 2014

Kihei Big Boy Football League 2014 Images, Sports Photography, Maui Hawaii Sports Photography

These are the best of the images from the April games and the May 3rd games.   All of the images may be used by the parents of the boys, for their own personal use.  (If you are not related to the players, please just look and don't download them.)  Family and friends of the players are free to download the images.  They will print, download to social media and anything else you might like to do with them.  Rights of resale still belong to DH Maui Fine Art Photography, which basically means they are not for commercial use.  These are just some of my favorites from the ones that were taken.  The entire batch of photos that were taken from the games can be found on my Facebook page.  They too have been set up so that the parents can download them.  Type in "DH Maui Fine Art Photography," once you are on Facebook, and the gallery will be available for viewing.  Sione got hurt at last week's game, so I'm not sure what game we will be at next.  I hear you will be playing in the stadium!!  Have fun, play fair and be safe.

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