Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring has Arrived on Maui, and She is Beautiful!! - Maui Portrait Photography, Maui Landscape Photography, Maui Botanical Photography, Maui Family Portrait Photography, Hawaii Family Portrait Photography

Springtime has arrived on Maui, and she has been gorgeous.  We have had wonderful, exceptional weather that brought beautiful flowers, lots of greenery, clouds like those in this first image, that bring beautiful sunsets and lots and lots of rainbows!!

Since the sunsets have been so fabulous, and I've been trying to get family pictures, Ne Ne, my youngest and I decided we would head out for a walk at sunset and see what the sky looked like, just scoping out our options for our portraits the following Monday.  The sky was different, but kind of cool.  We liked the big storm cloud hanging over us, and captured this image.

My Ne can rock a photo shoot, even in her brother's basketball shorts and a scruffy old t-shirt.

Yesterday morning, I took the kids to school, came back and looked up as I got out of the car and could not believe what I saw.  I knew it had to be over the beach, so I grabbed the landscape camera and its assigned lens and headed down to the beach for my morning walk, where I captured this image.

This morning the kids were late catching the bus again, so I shooed them out the door to the car and realized the same fine mist was in the air that was in the air yesterday morning.  I said to the kids, head still in the hallway, "There's no rainbow up in the sky, is there?"  "There is!"  they said!  Unbelievable!!!  So we went down to the beach each and captured these images this morning!

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