Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 4 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Maui Basketball

Day 4 of our Summer Adventure involves basketball.  One of the best things on Maui is our Parks and Recreation Department.  They have set up a fantastic set of programs for the kids involving summer programs and sports events throughout the year.  The directors are fun and enthusiastic and the team of couches that they assemble to work with the kids are top-notch.  Through the Parks and Recreation Department's basketball program, this winter, our oldest son was informed about NBC Basketball camps here on Maui to be held the first week in June.  The final day involved basketball games between the campers and a team of Hawaii celebrities among which were Mayor Alan Arakawa, former Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona and singer/entertainer Eric Gilliom.  Another game between some of the professional basketball players that had been assembled here on Maui to work with the kids took place after.  Everything was MC'd by local television personality Tiny Tadani.  These programs give us an organized way to get out of the house and give the kids activities where they can run and play and get exercise.  This is as important here on Maui as it is anywhere else in the country; especially here on Maui, because most of us don't have yards and open space, like they do in the Mainland.  These parks are our yards and our playgrounds for our kids, and these organized activities help us to keep our families healthy and safe.

Mayor Alan Arakawa with television celebrity Tiny Tidani.

Mayor Alan Arakawa on far left and Former Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona second from right, Eric Gilliom far right.

Hawaiian recording artist Willie K sang the national anthem.

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