Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 6 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Keawakapu Beach - Maui Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Hawaii Portrait Photography

Keawakapu Beach is the beach located to the South of Kamaole Beach Park III.  It is one of the longest most pristine beaches on the island of Maui.  The boogie boarding is not quite as good as it is at Kamaole Point, but my surfers gave it a good try on Day 6 of our Summer Adventure.  This beach is known as a great walking beach and dogs are welcome.  It is also a favorite beach among the locals who love to come here and bring small children to build sand sculptures in the sand or walk their dogs or let them run.  Many wedding couples come here to shoot wedding photos on the beach, as this is one of the most picturesque beaches on Maui; and often you will find photographers with their brides and grooms on the sand in front of the Mana Kai, at the north end of the beach.  It is a favorite beach of mine to bring families for family photography, and you will often find me here shooting family portraits.  The beach has three entrances and it is fun to see if you can guess where they all are.  My favorite parking spot is behind the Mana Kai Resort, but each entrance brings a new aspect to this beach; as it is so long, it is fun to explore the entire length of it.

This plane decided to buzz the beach while we were there that morning.

And off she goes in the distance...I think that would be a lot of fun.  If I could hold my stomach.  Helicopter rides make me pretty sick.  Maybe this would be different.

My surf dancer...she thinks she's a mermaid... she wants to be a mermaid.  I haven't quit figured out which it is yet.

And another kind of surf dancer...

Boogie boarding was a little slow at Keawakapu Beach, so my boogie boarders decided to amp things up and start a sand fight.

Run little men run!!!  If he catches you, you'll be eating that sand you just threw!

Dog lovers love this beach, because the family pet can come along and enjoy the fun.

Some surfers lookin' for some action, but it was not happenin' that day.  One surfer gives up and decides to go with the flow...this is the beach for babies and sand castles.

This is the beach for moms with little tiny guys.  They can really enjoy themselves at Keawakapu.

Want to step back in time to Hawaii's heyday with me?  Just step into this picture and imagine you've drifted back in time.

 Oops, except for those windmills on the hill.  Those wouldn't have existed then, would they?  Nothing stays the same, even this sleepy little place that drifts through time much more slowly than other places do.

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Christina G Photography said...

Beautiful!!! the pictures make me want to jump on a plane and come visit!