Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 11 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Palauea Beach or White Rock Beach - Maui Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Hawaii Portrait Photography

We have so much more of Maui to cover, so we will continue our tour all throughout the fall.  Come join us for a Maui Autumn with the He Family.  We have fewer tourists here between September - November than other times of the year.  It can often rain a lot during that time.  It can often not also.  Last Fall was one of the most beautiful Autumn's that I've seen in Maui.  So stick around and join us as we tour other areas of our beautiful island.  Now that we've covered Wailea, we are going to move further South to Makena.  Makena is wilder than Wailea.  It is Maui without all the organized, well manicured landscaping.  I am always drawn back to Makena.   Makena is a place that you have to explore.  I am not naturally adventurous, but Makena makes me want to overcome any fear or hesitation that I might have.  It is a place that must be explored; and everyone knows that if I have at least one camera at my disposal but preferably more than one, you will not believe the things I will attempt to do to get the shot.   So over the years, I've begun to piece together the puzzle that is Makena.  It takes a lot of time for it to become familiar to you.  There are many incredible beaches and hidden places along the shoreline.  They are all really easy to get to, once you realize they are there.  The secret will be realizing they are there.  We will explore each of these beaches in our Tour of Maui, Hawaii, but me may jump around a bit.  I will do my best to explain to you how and where each of these beaches is located along that long strip of wild land that makes up the area of Makena.

This first beach is incredible and my kids' favorite.  Ask them, after this summer, which beach they prefer.  They will all scream that they want to go to White Rock.  It's long, and not as crowded, so my kids found a nice section of the beach all to themselves.  The funny thing about White Rock is the private property/no trespassing signs posted all among the trees.  But remember the story I told you in the beginning of our tour.  No one can buy themselves a beach on Maui, so there will always be a beach access available.  You just have to find it.  It winds through the many wild Kiawe trees that front this beach.  So many beautiful homes are going up in this area.  I hope it does not change the access to this beach too much.  It might though.  Perhaps one day, they will have made it so hard to get to White Rock that it will make it prohibitive.  I hope this never happens, but one can never know in this greedy little world we live in.

For now we can still enjoy  Palauea Beach (or White Rock) to our hearts' content.  Here's how you get there.  Remember Polo Beach?  Do you remember how to get there?  Okay, instead of turning into the parking lot for Polo Beach, continue on down to the end of the lane, turn left at the very end, drive just a slight bit down that road until you see a slew of cars parked all along what looks like the middle of no where.  You've found White Rock.  Park your car where you can find a place.  Locate the beach access through the trees, walk just a bit through those trees and out onto one of the most incredible beaches.

A small view of the kiawe forest that fronts this beach.

Boogie boarding lessons from one older brother to a little brother!

Oh no!  My Baby's first surfing injury!

Waiting for the next wave!

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