Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 13 of Our Tour of Maui, Hawaii - Big Beach or Makena State Park - Maui Hawaii Landscape Photography, Maui Hawaii Portrait Photography

Makena State Park is an enormously wide beach in the middle of Makena.  You can easily find this beach by traveling down Wailea Alanui and then Makena Alanui and watching the signs posted to let you into the parking for this beach.  I think the last parking lot, furthest South, is the best one.

Big Beach is like no other beach on the island of Maui.  I highly recommend that you go see it.  If you have small children, you may want to keep them out of the water and on the sand.  The water breaks hard at this beach.  Boogie boarding is for the experienced, to say the least.  My sons tried their hand at it, just for fun, but they didn't keep at it for long.  The experience required to handle the waves at Big Beach won't come to them for several more years.

A group of local boys had gathered to hang out and boogie board that morning.  I have already shared the images that I got that day with them, and have their permission to share them with you.  My sons were in total awe of them.

This image will forever be one of my favorite images.  I love my two boys.  They are handsome, all-around good guys, and this image represents their lives.  They are two local boys growing up in Hawaii.  I really, really love this picture.

The immense vastness of the big, blue sea.

These next images are some really great images, I think, but they also show the wild nature of the waves at Big Beach.

Sometimes you capture an image; and it isn't until you get it home that you realize what it was that you caught on camera.  Good grief!!

My Mari and her wild mane of lion hair!  My Mona Lisa.

I absolutely love this image.  The colors are so vivid and rich looking, and I absolutely love vivid color in my images, but there they are - my three youngest babies - Mari, Siua (sea ew ah) and Danae loving their day at Big Beach.  Now this is a picture you can treasure for a life time, a picture that belongs on a wall.  I can see it blown up into a huge canvas.  I love this image.

A big brother tests the water, to see if it is safe for the little guys.

A local boy's version of a Calvin and Hobbes fantasy.  Like Snoopy, pretending he's the Red Barron...

Brought back down to earth by a sister with a rude desire to steal your boogie board!

Oh no!  What happened?  One of those Big Beach waves I told you about picked my kids up and spit them out on the beach.  Lucky they local and can handle it!

You wouldn't dare....

I don't believe you'll do it...not at your Momma!

I knew he'd never really do it!  This guy loves his Momma too much to pelt her and her camera with sand.

Another happy day at the beach!

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