Monday, September 12, 2011

Syle at the Beach - How to Prepare for a Beach Photo Shoot

My girls and I thought you might like a post about how to look your best for a beach photo shoot.

Remember that weather conditions are going to be different, so you want to make it work for you, not fight against it.  There will be wind and humidity.  You want to go for that "I'm a Beach Babe" look, not the "Real Housewives of Orange County" look for your photo shoot.  Each look has its place.  If I were photographing you going into a fancy restaurant or leaving your hotel for a fancy night out, then the second look is maybe more appropriate.  If I'm photographing you for your beach wedding, you want to come somewhere in between those two looks for an appropriate beach wedding style.

If you are coming for a family photo shoot, then style your hair like you normally would.  Once you get down to the photo shoot, I'm going to ask you to shake your head and run your hands through your hair to mess it up.  This is the best look for beach photo shoots. I find that the pictures that look the best are the ones that are taken after you've been out on the beach for awhile and the humidity has fluffed up your hair and the wind has knocked out that "I've styled my hair" look.  Those usually come about 45 minutes into the shoot.  Why not just get great pictures with great looking hair from the start.

Remember when applying your makeup that the humidity will make it slide off your face here.  You can use waterproof makeup, but give yourself a light makeup application with some lighter products that make your skin glow and have that I've been in the sun all day look.

Would you like some tips about how to take care of your hair while you are here?  You won't be here long enough for the sun and salt air to burn your hair, but those of us that live here have that problem.  I remember my friend coming one time; and without even hugging me or greeting me, said "What the heck do you do with your hair here!"  Yes, well it is a problem. There is no doubt.  We have picked up some tips on how to care for our hair when we are at the beach all day.  Even if you are just sitting around the house, the heat and humidity are going to snarl up even the finest head of hair.

Before you go out to the beach, climb in the shower and wet your hair down.  Slather it with a good waxy conditioner and comb that conditioner through your hair.  At this point, you can either braid your hair, put it up in a updo that's appropriate for the beach or leave it down.  As soon as you get to the beach, you are going to look very natural with your wet, conditioned style.  The conditioner acts as a sealant that will help condition your hair while you are in the water, keep the salty water out of your hair and keep the sun from damaging the hair shafts.  The conditioners we like best are Nexus, which we can buy in bulk at Costco and Pantene's higher end products.  Remember you want a conditioner that is very thick and waxy.  You don't want to use the watery ones.  Don't worry if you have fine hair that can't take a lot of conditioner normally.  This is the case with my youngest daughter and her hair thrives under this type of care as much as my oldest daughters hair does, which I swear could suck up an entire bottle of conditioner and still want more.

Once you get back to your hotel room after a day at the beach, shower your head with a good shampoo and style as usual.  You will find that your hair is unusually soft and manageable.  It's something about the combination of the conditioner protecting your hair, the salt and sun baking the conditioner into the hair shaft and the way that the himidity makes hair fuller here.

Now as for your skin while you are here.  We have one sunscreen that we really, really recommend.  I use it on my girls and me both.  We love Ocean Potion's Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Anti-Aging Sunblock in a pink bottle.  It is the best I've found for women's skin.  You can even use it on your face without breakouts, and I have very oily skin and have to watch what I apply to my face.  This sunblock seems to have the same kinds of great things in that my expensive oil of olay products do.   We recommend reapplying it every two hours, so that you'll have a nice glow to your skin without the "I'm a piece of Fried Chicken" look that is so unappealing.  Or even worse, the "I might be mistaken for a lobster" look.  Hats help too, and you can wear one easily, because your hair is nice and secure with all that conditioner you've applied to it.

Now put yourself in a great looking bathing suit, and you are ready for a fabulous day at the beach; and afterwards, your going to look fabulous for a night out at one of our restaurants.

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