Friday, September 16, 2011

My Oldest Girl is 8!!

My oldest daughter turned eight years old this year.  Eight is a very significant age in our family.  When you are eight years old, you get to be baptized and we throw you a small party for your birthday.  Mari got three dresses for her special occasion.  Candy leis are very popular here in Hawaii, and my Mari was so disappointed, because she did not get one.  Not one!!  Then I felt terribly guilty as her mother, because I did not think to go get them myself.  I bought flowers, because flowers remind me of Mari.  She is always picking them for me on her way back from the school bus, then dropping them off at my desk when she gets to the house.  She is so pretty that the flower leis, I guess, were much more appropriate for her.  I call her my Mona Lisa, because I think she looks like a Polynesian version of the girl in that original famous painting.

Long before she was born, my mother and I saw a painting that was painted by a famous LDS artist named Greg Olsen.  The painting is called "Children of the World."  In that painting, a young Polynesian girl hands Christ flowers that she has picked.  My mother stated that she believed, when I had a daughter, she was going to look exactly like the little girl in the painting.  Sure enough, my oldest daughter does look an awful lot like that girl in the painting, and she loves flowers just as much.  How prophetic is that?

If you would like to view some of Greg Olsen's Art, you can view it at his website:

You can also become a friend of his on facebook.  He shares inspirational quotes with his friends, and I love it when they show up on my facebook server.  I love the beauty and inspiration of his art, and I especially love the painting that reminds me of my little girl.!/gregolsenfan

Now I'll share some of my own artwork, artwork that shares with you the beauty of one of my favorite people.

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